Founded in 2003, XINSHI is a company that begins early to provide human resource outsourcing services in China, mainly covering businessesin the integration of enterprise human resources service and human resource supply chain, and continuously extending to other areas. Our business philosophy is quick response, honest service, innovation and leading. Through nearly 20 years of efforts, XINSHI provides customers in jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai provinces with labor dispatch, public service outsourcing, manufacturing outsourcing, management consulting, personnel outsourcing, talent hunting, training schools, property management, industrial park operation and other exclusive customized management services.

     Xinshi Company is focused on human resource service industry, and dedicatedto providing more high-quality and comprehensive solutions. Integrating quality, innovation, service and profession, Xinshi continues to help customers to win in continual changes of market environment, and at the same time develops their own system to improve and continuously expand wider areas in the future.



    Employee: care, trust, life


    Customer: enthusiasm, quality, service


    Society: integrity, value, responsibility


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